• Solas Centre


    Over the years many of our patients and their families have benefitted hugely from the support of services of our unique Waterford Solas Centre . See our link to yet more supports from Solas 



    Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection caused by streptococcus pneumoniae. Over the years streptococcus pneumoniae has become resistant to many medications making the treatment of pneumococcal infections much more difficult. Prevention of dis



    A Well Man / Well Woman check up is designed to identify existing health problems, assess your disease risk factors and provide you with the tools and advice to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is a useful way especially for people who rare

  • Dry January


    Dry January benefits: What happens when you stop drinking alcohol for a month? At first you’ll probably feel a little anxious or restless (depending on how much you drank before) and may have trouble getting too sleep - as drink can help to ac

  • Aussie Flu


    What is 'Aussie' flu and should we be worried? One of the strains circulating this year - H3N2 - has been dubbed Aussie flu because it is the same strain that recently caused big problems for Australia. What is Aussie flu? Every winter there are a

  • Tamiflu


    To Tamiflu or Not to Tamiiflu? The flu is hitting hard and you may have friends and family that are getting sick. Here is the information you need to know about current treatment options for the flu. Your best protection from catching the flu is to

  • Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine 2017 Available Now


    Flu is an acute respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It is spread by coughing or sneezing and is very contagious. Symptoms include; high fever, sore throat, dry cough, aches and pains in the limbs, headache and sometimes nausea and vomi

  • Parking


    We are delighted to let you know that the new carpark is open on the Waterside. This will be a great help to our patients and provide badly needed parking nearby.

  • Repeat Prescriptions


    In order to reduce the volume of phone calls and to leave the phone lines free for essential and emergency calls, we would be grateful if you would order your prescription in writing or on the forms available from reception. In addition, you may als

  • Free 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring


    For Medical card & doctor visit card patients  -  WHY 24-HOUR ABPM? ·         Medical best practice would advise that it is more accurate to measure blood pressure over 24 hours than in a

  • Three People a Day Die from Alcohol in Ireland


    Three people a day die from drinking alcohol in Ireland as the health costs from the drug continue to rise, a new report shows. Hospital discharges solely attributable to alcohol have doubled in the past 20 years, and alcoholic liver disease has ris

  • Is Asprin Really a Miracle Drug


    Known to reduce the long- term risk of stroke after a TIA by about 12 per cent, recent research published in theLancet shows a more striking immediate effect. In a review of data from more than 40,000 people, researchers found that starting a pe

  • High Blood Pressure - The Silent Killer


    Raised blood pressure ( or hypertension as described by doctors) remains one of the most common causes of disease, disability ( through heart attack and stroke) and death ( kills more people than all forms of cancer )  in Ireland .  Here a

  • Smoking Cessation


    2016 New Year’s Resolution??  Talk to any of the GPs or Practice Nurses at Catherine Street Medical Centre for advice & support.  Free One-to-One support available in Waterford, provided by Kate Cassidy, Health Promotion Officer

  • Free GP Care for Over 70's


    If you are over 70 you may now register for FREE GP Care. If you do not register you will continue to be asked for payment. A medical card must be produced in surgery to avail of the FREE visits. The HSE will not automatically issue you a card. You

  • Men's Health Article


    A good consultation between a patient and a doctor is like a dance, with equal partners moving together in harmony. Tony didn’t want to dance, and in his mind he was leaning against the bar with the boys, skulling pints and watching the dancing

  • Under 6 Free GP Care-Register Now


    Register now or you will not be able to avail of FREE GP Care for your children under 6 years of age and will continue to be asked for payment. A medical card must be produced in surgery to avail of the FREE visits. The HSE will not automatically is

  • Eczema Information


    CSMC doctors deal with many kids with atopic eczema and food allergies . Please see our Leaflet section for some updated evidence based tips on these common diseases affecting 15-20% of Irish children. Eczema is considered to cause bigger quality o



    1    Express your emotions. (Don’t bottle) 2.       Talk with friends (Don’t overburden them) 3.       Focus on the present (and the future). Don’t brood o

  • Relationship Counselling


    Common Causes of Tension: Selfishness Unrealistic expectations Money (meanness) Not listening Sickness Drug / Alcohol excess Jealousy Fault finding Driving ambition Immaturity Poor communication Violence from either partner is never excus

  • Minor Surgery


    Doctor Aine and Doctor Tony continue to offer a minor surgery service for ingrown toenail removal, joint injections for knee, shoulder, elbow and hand (carpal tunnel) pain. Biopsies of suspicious skin lesions are also considered.

  • Blood Pressure / Stroke / Heart Attack


    "60 % of Irish people over the age of 60 have high blood pressure with no symptoms. That's why it's called a silent disease and silent killer as it leads to heart attack and stroke .  Another common cause of stroke is a common heart irregular

  • Weight Management


     Advice from Endocrinologist and National Leader on Obesity Management Dr. Donal O’Shea St Vincent’s and Blanchardstown Hospital includes ·         Eat a Breakfast ·  

  • Third Level Students


    Attention Students!  When you are paying your Doctor/Nurse fee, don’t forget to tell the receptionist if you are a third level student! Once you produce a valid Student Identity card, you are entitled to a reduced fee of  €30 at

  • Heart Attack & Stroke


    Heart attack and stroke still kill twice as many  Irish Males as do all forms of cancer .   High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a huge contributor to heart attack and stroke .  60% of Irish Men and Women over the age of sixty suffe

  • Patient Medical Information


    When searching the internet for medical information it is important that trusted, quality sites are used. We regularly recommend for patient information.

  • Whooping Cough in Pregnancy


    For further information on the importance of Whooping Cough in Pregnancy please go to Leaflet section  in Useful Information.

  • Having a problem with your Hearing


    Hearing loss in middle aged and more mature patients is common. We provide a very accessible and affordable industrial standard hearing test in our own, on site, audiometer booth. (Cost €30)  Many of you will be familiar with the cost of

  • Cervical Smear Awareness


    Reminder to all women aged 25-60 years. Avail of your free routine Cervical Smear test at the surgery, as part of CervicalCheck, the national screening programme. Log on to with your PPS number, to ensure that you are on the regi

  • Regular Payment Scheme


    Patients who do not qualify for a medical card may wish to avail of our Regular Payment Scheme. The cost is payable by standing order on a monthly basis. The cost for an individual is €30, while the cost for a family with children under

  • Medical Cards


    Please call to surgery for assistance with your medical card application or renewal form. Catherine Street Medical Centre accepts new medical card applicants. Please make an appointment. If you are looking for a GP or family doctor in Waterford ple