Minor Surgery

minor surgery waterford

We provide a diverse range of minor surgical procedures which include :

  • Wedge resection of toe-nails
  • Joint injections eg tennis / golfers elbow , knee and shoulder arthritis / inflammation
  • Abscess drainage 
  • Stitching and removal of stitches
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Insertion and removal of the Mirena long acting Contraceptive device
  • Insertion and removal of Implanon long acting contractive implant
  • Wound Care and Dressings 
  • Cryotherapy to Skin Tags , warts , verruca,sun damage skin lesions

Cryotherapy is a specialised way to remove certain lesions. It usually requires more than one visit . Liquid Nitrogen is sprayed onto the lesion from a special flask for a number of seconds.

It may result temporarily in pain , blistering and local irritation but is generallly a non-scarring and simple way to remove suitable lesions.

Most Minor Surgical procedures are covered by / reimbursable from all Major Medical  Insurers .

The service is free to Medical Card Patients.

In general an appointment is first required with a Doctor to plan your Minor Surgical procedure however stitching etc for acute trauma is also available.