Men's Health

mens health waterford

At the Catherine Street Medical Centre  we take particular interest in men's health.

“Well Man” Health Check

This  comprehensive men’s health check is designed for men between the ages of 45 and 70.  The purpose is to screen for common treatable illnesses that are a threat to the health and lives of men in this age group.

We screen for Angina and Stroke risk factors. We assess the risk factors for heart disease, including raised blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol, smoking, diet and alcohol consumption, obesity, and an exercise assessment.  If any lung abnormalities are detected, we arrange a chest x-ray and lung function tests.

We check for prostate enlargement, and signs of men’s cancers including prostate and testicular cancer.  We check for hernias, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, and haemochromatosis. We also perform a skin survey to check for skin cancer.  We assess sexual health and erectile function.  The check-up also includes an assessment for depression and anxiety.

The Well Man includes an initial assessment carried out by our Practice Nurse and a follow up consultation with your doctor.

Follow up care can be provided as required at Catherine Street, or any appropriate referrals arranged. 

The total cost for the Well Man check up is €190.

Any additional investigations or follow up care are not covered by this cost, but we do offer reduced rates to Well Man patients for lung function testing and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring.

Please contact reception for further information or to make an appointment.