Medico-Legal Reports

Doctors here in Catherine Street Medical Centre have extensive experience in examining people involved in accidents or injuries for which an independent medical report is required by theirs, or opposing, Solicitors or the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. 

Our  GP  Professionals here are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to create clinical records and reports that adhere to best practice standards, and that will stand up to legal scrutiny                                                                                           

Some of our doctors have done additional specialist training in medical report writing having attended the La Touche – ‘ Excellence in medical report writing ‘ course.

We provide medico legal reports to our own patients if legal matters arise in terms of accidents / injuries etc.

We offer prompt appointments within 2-3 weeks followed by a comprehensive report.

How to make an appointment:

Solicitors – please send in a written request for an appointment

Our Patients – please make appointment to see a doctor if you have an injury, you may be directed to see your Solicitor