Get a home visit

Every call received at Catherine Street Medical Centre is of the utmost importance to us.

Procedures are in place to handle all requests appropriately and speedily, whilst ensuring patients are well cared for.

When a patient makes a call to the General Practitioner's surgery, this call is screened by the receptionist. 

Wherever possible we encourage patients to attend the surgery as most likely you will be seen faster than waiting at home and with more medical equipment and medication to hand for use if necessary.

If, however, you cannot attend the practice and need a doctor to call to your home, a visit may be arranged by phoning our reception and outlining the problem so the details can be passed on to a doctor, who will return a telephone call first to discuss your concerns further. Following a conversation with the doctor, it may be agreed that a home visit in necessary. A home visit will be provided for patients who are terminally ill, who are truly housebound and for whom travelling to the premises would cause deterioration of their medical condition. 

Patients with common symptoms of childhood; fever, cold, cough, earache, vomiting and diarrhoea, should travel to the surgery. It is not harmful to take a child with fever outside.

Urgent calls are transferred directly to a doctor who will take appropriate action.